VOR Environnement
    Nowadays, water more than ever constitutes a vital resource. But it is increasingly under threat. Over the past thirty years, VOR Environnement has been working to preserve this resource by designing and manufacturing efficient water treatment units capable of handling small and medium urban and industrial quantities*.
    Thus, with Méthavor, VOR Environnement offers small and medium enterprises access to biological purification by methanisation. To take another example, to prevent water being wasted, VOR Environnement can produce stations with a high enough level of purification to allow the de-polluted water to be re-used to irrigate public areas.
      VOR Environnement has unrivalled enthusiasm for its core skill and constantly seeks to improve efficiency, enhancing the performance of its pollution removal systems.
We design new processes capable of looking forward to the environmental issues of tomorrow’s world.
* Flow rates of 0 to 500 m3/d