Our product ranges
Our urban range
    A diversified and reliable range of products to return cleaner water to nature
VOR Environnement designed the first individual microstation thirty years ago. Since then, the firm has made the most of its expertise in treating urban effluents to serve local authorities for towns of up to 2,500 inhabitants equivalent.
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Our industrial range
    In 1989, VOR Environnement extended its activity to the field of industrial waste water. Thanks to this effort to branch out, the firm now makes nearly 60 % of its turnover in the industrial sector with food processing (dairies, wineries and abattoirs), chemistry, papermaking, textiles, etc. It now has full control over all treatments and technical processes suited to handling flow rates of less than 5 tons chemical oxygen demand/day, whatever the nature of the water to be treated. The company can rely on this extremely sound experience and the reactivity of its teams to solve the most awkward purification issues.
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